What is a Static QR code and how it works

Created on 10 July, 2023FAQ • 1 minutes read

Static QR codes are a great option for sharing information that does not change, such as contact information, locations or simple text. Here are some of the benefits of using static QR codes:

  • Easy to generate: There are plenty of free QR code generators available online. Just enter the information you want, and the generator will create a QR code for you.
  • Lifetime usability: Because the information in a static QR code does not change, you can keep using it as long as the QR code is intact.
  • No scanning limits: Static QR codes have no limit on the number of scans and can be scanned by an unlimited number of people.
  • Privacy: Because the information is stored directly in the QR code, no data is stored or maintained by third parties.
  • Fully customizable: Many QR code generators offer the ability to customize the color, design and logo of the QR code, allowing you to create a unique and eye-catching code.
  • No Internet connection required: Static QR codes can be scanned without the need for an Internet connection because the data is stored directly in the code.
  • Compatibility:Static QR codes are compatible with all QR code readers and smartphones.

Keep in mind that if you want to change information in the future or track how many times a QR code has been scanned, consider a dynamic QR code, this type of QR code offers many more features. Dynamic QR codes are linked to an online platform and allow you to change the information behind the code without having to create a new code. They can also track scanning statistics and offer more advanced features. offers an easy-to-use, free QR code generator that allows you to easily create QR codes for various purposes, such as sharing websites, contact information, email addresses, text and much more. Create your own QR code within minutes and enjoy the many benefits of QR codes for your business, event or personal use.

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