What is a short URL?

Created on 10 July, 2023FAQ • 1 minutes read

What exactly is a short URL and how do you create one?

A short URL is a shortened version of a long URL (Uniform Resource Locator), essentially a Web address. Short URLs are often used to simplify long and complicated Web addresses, making them easier to share via e-mail, social media, text messaging or other communication methods.

There are several online services that convert long URLs into short URLs, also offers the ability to work with short URL codes. These services generate a shorter, unique URL that, when clicked, automatically redirects to the original long URL.

While short URLs can be useful for link sharing, they can also pose security risks, such as hiding the final destination of a link, making it easier for cybercriminals to direct users to malicious websites. Therefore, it is always important to be careful when clicking on short URLs from unknown sources.

short URL ensures that a dynamic QR code is recyclable and traceable . A short URL can be used to share the content of the QR code on the Internet .

This is what a standard short URL looks like: or when no specific page is selected

The part before the slash ( ) corresponds to the domain. The part after the slash ( qr-name ) is a random alhpanumeric string that is automatically generated. Both parts can be customized.