How to easily create QR codes for different purposes

Created on 10 July, 2023FAQ • 1 minutes read offers an easy-to-use, free QR code generator that allows you to easily create QR codes for various purposes, such as sharing websites, contact information, email addresses, text and much more. Create your own QR code within minutes and enjoy the many benefits of QR codes for your business, event or personal use.

  • Text : Display a message, or advertise an action , anything is possible.
  • Website : showcase your website, blog or social media profile.
  • vCard : share your electronic business card with all your contact information.
  • Phone number : Share a phone number in an easy way using a QR code
  • SMS : Send an SMS through a QR code
  • Social Links : Display your website, blog and social media profiles, including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and more.
  • Email : Send an email with a message or discount code oid using a QR code
  • Facetime : Easily start a facetime call
  • Wifi : Give visitors or customers easy access to your wifi network
  • Location : Show the location of your event or office
  • Event : Share your event details quickly and easily
  • PayPal : Receive payments or donations through PayPal.
  • WhatsApp : Start a chat via WhatsApp.
  • Crypto : Share data from your crypto address

With dynamic QR codes, there are additional opportunities to gain insight into what is now the effect of a dynamic QR code:

  • Comprehensive statistics of QR codes
  • Add pixels, from Facebook, Google analytics, Google Tag Manager, etc (UTMs)
  • Creating Projects
  • Domains: you can use your own website address in a QR code